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Research highlights

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04.05.2021 – A new paper is published:

A. Mannan et al.,
“Ultrafast terahertz nanoseismology of GaInN/GaN multiple quantum wells”,
Adv. Optical Mater. (2021) DOI: 10.21002/adom.202100258


07.04.2021 – A new paper is published:

S. Kovalev et al.,
“Electrical tunability of terahertz nonlinearity in graphene”,
Science Advances 7, eabf9809 (2021)

15.01.2021 – A new paper is published:

J.-C. Deinert et al.,
“Grating-graphene metamaterial as a platform for terahertz nonlinear photonics”,
ACS Nano 15, 1145 (2021)

15.01.2021 – A new paper is published:

M. Chin et al.,

“Observation of strong magneto plasmonic nonlinearity in bilayer graphene discs”,

J. Phys. – Photon. 3, 01LT01 (2021)

11.01.2021 – Official launch of the Turchinovich-lab website

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